Monday, February 07, 2011

A Light, Lost... RIP, Duane

There are many ways to live life.
Some live mostly for themselves, some live mostly for others, and, some special people form a perfect balance of both.

Duane Redmond was one of the special people.

For himself, D loved good company, good food, a good joke, and, a better wager. He took enjoyment very seriously, and seriously enjoyed his moments. A conversation- he always gave his full attention. A game score- he always knew that, too.

For others, D was a listener, an understander. He didn't just offer his hand for a handshake, he offered a contagious smile, along with brightening eyes. His happiness, within a group setting, spread quickly to all in that setting.

I also know that D could be very introspective. D was a Jack of Many Trades, but, he was never the Fool. Insight, and advice, from D was always worth more than the moment deemed. His knowledge and wisdom made me think that he looked great, for being 75.

Unfortunately, his mental acuity wasn't physically matched. For those of us who knew him, a truly individual, unique, light was lost. For those who never met him, you really missed out...

46 years-old is far too soon. I simply can't believe I'm saying, "Rest in peace, Duane Redmond. You are missed. I will, silently, root for the Washington Redskins, from now on."

Saturday, February 05, 2011

An Addictive Act, Again....

In between classes, last Wednesday, I was, yet again- and, many times over- asked for a spare cigarette. In one encounter, my reply makes for a blog-entry..............

Douche: Hey, can you spare a cigarette?
Me: No.
Douche: Not a giver, huh?
Me: I used to be, but then, I moved to this city.
Douche: *walks away*

I have a prior blog about this sort of thing...

When I wrote that previous blog, I was living in metro Atlanta, and, had no idea...

Now, I get asked for a cigarette around 20-50 times a day: slightly more so, when walking. (I have a transit pass, these days, so I don't walk as often, but, it hasn't really reduced the requests).

Not a giver? Let's all do some math!
I smoke a pack a day- that's $6- I get asked, um, average it at 35 times... that's over a pack and a half! So, my pack ($6) 1.5 packs, for vagrants (can't buy packs, by the half) is $12...
$18 a day, to say, "Yes."
LOL, SCREW THAT! I'm not sure if Bill Gates could afford to provide long term access to cigarettes for these people.
I'm no Bill Gates. Therefore, I'm required to say No.

Not a giver? Really? The better question is, "Not a billionaire?"

Along with all my, "No," responses, I've started to get get a better understanding of the term, "Enabling."