Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Question Of Balance?

Has there been a change in, "Customer Mentality," or, is it just the city I live in?
Throughout my life, I've always read a Closed sign to mean, "Closed."

Like this:
Me: **approach door** Oh, they're closed. **walk away**

These days, however, I come across this:
Person: **stepping around the closed sign** Are you closed??
Me: Yes, we are.
Person: So, does that mean I can't get a/an ____________?

What the hell is this?!? It's all relatively new to me, and, it makes me ask a few questions.
Is this just a San Francisco thing? Or, is this a national epidemic of hubris and self-importance? Have DSL and smartphones led us to a, "I need, you deliver," state?
A "Closed" sign only means one thing. It certainly doesn't mean, "We're closed to all, except you." This isn't rocket science, people.

It is things like this, that make me respect the thought process of a Dalek (alien villans from Dr. Who). As a Dalek, my prior example would go like this:
Person: Are you closed?? (while stepping around the closed sign)
Me: Yes, we are.
Person: So, does that mean I can't get a/an ____________?
Me: exterminate. ExterMinAte. EXTERMINAAAATE!!!! **lasers shoot from fingertips**

Much simpler.

Really though, what is going on? Any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As long as I'm adding...

This was created over a three day period.
I keep the original in a frame, on my bedroom wall.
And, yes, I was very bored...

Ink On Paper © Daniel Patrick Jones - 2010


This is me, doing Art.
The original is 2.5"x3.5"

The scan made it enormous... that's why you see it covered with dots.
I'm breaking-in a set of oil sticks. I used the blue as the main, because that's the stick I want to use when I do the final touch-up on my TARDIS model. These oil sticks had sharp edges, which I needed to get rid of. Still, I think this little thing turned out well!

Anyway, oil on canvas, © Daniel Patrick Jones, 2011, yadda, yadda...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Rating

I'm connected to ALL the social-media. This has it's advantages, but also, far too many drawbacks. Let me, stand now, lay down the pros/cons of these sites:

Twitter: Mostly, I follow comedians. This is my Humor Source. This is what keeps me alive. I follow other important people, but, this hasn't proven to be an outlet for friends. Sure, I'll get answers from Neil Gaiman, but, that doesn't mean that I know, or, understand, Neil Gaiman as a person.
As a social application, I think Twitter failed. I only have four friends who use it, among the many Facebookers, that I can keep some kind of communication with. Personally, I *heart* the Twitter.
I wish that more people I KNOW would use Twitter.

Tumblr: An awesome blog site! It uses the Feel, of Facebook and Twitter, and gives the user a free template, for any ideas (or format), and, the blogging possibilities can be endless.
But, like Twitter, It's an unknown (among personal friends) format, so, I follow several random accounts (many are the same people I follow on Twitter).

LinkedIn: I don't take this one very seriously. I work in the restaurant industry, and, short of a miracle, I will always be in this industry. Linkedin loves the idea of suggesting people, in careers, that I could never do.
My mom has a LinkedIn account. To those who know my mother, you know that Hell has gotten slightly colder.

MySpace: I learned many of the basics, of HTML, on this site. During their demise, they got rid of CSS sites, and, that's when they lost me. RIP, MySpace!

Facebook: Wow... what can I say about this site? When I joined, there were about 40,000 members. That was an awesome time! The near-Atari interface was the bomb. Hell, I reconnected (some, personally) with high school friends! That was when Facebook was overtaking MySpace. They went from 125 million, to 400 million, in nearly a blink of the eye... BUT, I miss the old layout.
Facebook spends so much time updating, they've forgotten that they are (used to be) Facebook!
My 'Wall' is covered with Friends commenting on Non-Friends Wall's.... Non-Friends tagging photos... people I don't know are ALL OVER my Wall.
Facebook is a whore, now. I'm addicted, now, so I'll keep using it, but...
Years ago, Facebook peaked. Not with Users; just with sweetness.

Google +: I'm an unimpressed member. Will this be the next Big Thing? We shall see...