Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Dodekatheon of Twitter

In Greek myth, there were 12 particular gods presiding over mortal-life. Sure, there were many gods, but, only a few had their own chair, atop Mt. Olympus.

In the Twitterverse, there are thousands of equally important voices. Twitter actually gets choked with so many individual voices.

So, I'm picking a subject: COMEDY!
Well now, within comedy on Twitter, I'm gonna attribute people to the Mt. Olympus Twelve.
In honor of the 2012 Olympic Games, here is my Twitter Comedy Dodekatheon:
1) Zeus: Rob Delaney @robdelaney
2) Hera: Megan Amram @meganamram
3) Poseidon: Alec Sulkin @thesulk
4) Athena: Mary Charlene @IamEnidColeslaw
5) Hephaestus: Kasey Anderson @KaseyAnderson
6) Ares: Jeffrey Hadz @Hadzilla
7) Aphrodite: Caprice Crane @capricecrane
8) Apollo: Eli Braden @EliBraden
9) Dionysus: Clarke Kant @clarkekant
10) Hermes: Rob Fee @robfee
11) Demeter: Lauren Caltagirone @MrsRupertPupkin
12) Artemis: Kelly Oxford @kellyoxford

There! The Twelve Comedic Olympians of Twitter! Read at your own risk.